Vegan socks in organic and Fairtrade cotton


These vegan socks by Conscious step are made of organic and Fairtrade certified cotton. For every pair you buy, you are contributing to a cause close to your heart.


Why did we choose the Conscious Step socks?

Conscious Step does not stop at creating stylish socks in an ethical and eco-responsible fashion. In addition to paying fairly the small farmers who grow the organic cotton that compose them, and the workers who make them in India, Conscious Step donates a share of the profits made for each pair of socks to an environmental, social or humanitarian cause. By wearing these socks, you will have a positive impact every step of the way!


The Conscious Step socks are made with organic and Fairtrade certified cotton. The entire supply chain is certified by GOTS and is vegan.


Sustainable design

The entire supply chain of Conscious Step takes place in India, from the cultivation organic cotton to the making of the socks. This choice allows them to benefit from the country’s expertise in organic cotton (India cultivates 80% of the world’s organic cotton) and to support small local cotton producers.

The cotton fields are not treated with any herbicides, insecticides or pesticides, and are not genetically modified.

Fair trade manufacturing

Conscious Step socks are made in a Fairtrade certified workplace: no children are exploited, minimum wages are respected, overtime is compensated, and workers have the freedom to unionize. Because all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Conscious Step’s Fairtrade certification guarantees a fair working environment with the aim of helping producers in developing countries achieve better living conditions.

The materials used


– The socks are made with certified organic and Fairtrade cotton.

– The socks have Terry padding providing extra softness and comfort to your feet.

Socks that make an impact

In addition to being certified by the highest standards in the industry, each pair of Conscious Step socks is associated with a social or environmental cause such as the protection of animals, the oceans, the forests, or the defense of human rights such as equality, support for members of the LQBTQ community, or even helping to destigmatize mental health. For more details on the causes that you can support, visit Conscious Step website.

By wearing your Conscious Step socks, you will inspire those around you to make informed decisions about the impact of their purchases. It is also helping to make a real change in the world.

Style your own way

Look stylish, right down to your shoes.

Your feet in comfy mode.

In the footsteps of Conscious Step

Take a look behind the scenes of Conscious Step’s mission.

Size selection and care tips

S – Small: US Women 5-9 / US Men 4-8
M – Medium: US Women 9-14 / US Men US 8-13

Composition: 75% organic cotton, 23% polyamide, 2% spandex.

Machine wash cold. Do not bleach. Tumble dry at low temperature. Do not iron.

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