MELA Vegan Fairtrade Sneakers


MELA sizing

How to measure

MELA sneakers are fitting relatively small. If your shoe size usually lies between two sizes, prefer the bigger size.

Please note that women's sizes 41 and 42 are equal to men's sizes 40 and 41 and will be delivered as such.

Also, men's sizes 38 and 39 are equal to women's sizes 39 and 40 and will be delivered as such.

W 37423,4
W 38524,1
W 39 / M 38624,8
W 40 / M 396.525,4
M 40 / W 416.526,1
M 41 / W 427.526,8
M 42827,4
M 43928,1
M 441028,8
M 451129,4
M 461230,1

These MELA vegan Fairtrade sneakers are designed to last with eco-friendly materials ethically sourced like organic cotton and natural rubber.



These MELA vegan Fairtrade sneakers are made of an organic and Fairtrade certified cotton canvas and natural rubber from responsible sources.

Material and certifications

The MELA vegan Fairtrade sneakers are ethically made in India in a socially responsible factory. At every step of the supply chain, farmers and workers have received a social premium. They invest this social premium in community projects they choose democratically.

Sustainable design

MELA sneakers are designed for sustainability. MELAWEAR uses materials and making process that are 100% natural, with no toxic chemicals and doing no harm to the environment. Also, the shoes are made in the total respect of the farmers’ and workers’ rights across the supply chain. Moreover, they contain no by-product of animal origin and are cruelty-free.

The outer material is made from a robust and breathable organic cotton canvas. Also, the lining is made of a durable organic cotton fabric. The outer sole is made of grippy and flexible natural rubber. A natural rubber padding in the insole and around the heel has also been included for a greater confort.

Thanks to the know-how of the Indian manufacturers, the sole is sewn at 360° around the shoe for greater resistance and longevity. Thus, MELA sneakers combine modern design with the highest quality for people and the environment.

An additional pair of laces in organic cotton (the color depends on the design) is included.

Fitting of the shoes

MELA sneakers are fitting relatively small. If your shoe size usually lies between two sizes, prefer the bigger size. Please always check the size chart before placing an order.

Hand wash only.

Made in India or Sri Lanka depending on arrivals.

Please note that if the item is displayed as “Available on backorder” there will be a delay of 4 to 8 weeks until delivery.

Additional information

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 34 × 23 × 12 cm
Shoes colors

All black, Black with white sole, Grey, Navy blue and grey


W 36, W 37, W 38, W 39 / M 38, W 40 / M 39, M 40 / W 41, M 41 / W 42, M 42, M 43, M 44, M 45, M 46


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