Our commitment

Changing the world, one step at a time.

The first steps
of etik & co

Always looking for solutions to reduce his footprint on the planet, Loïc de Fabritus Gautier wanted to wear shoes that were fair trade, vegan, organic and affordable at the same time. But as he could not find any on the Canadian and Quebec market, he decided to jump into the world of ethical footwear in 2018.

Already committed to environmental justice and fair trade, he founded etik & co to make this option accessible locally and to as many people as possible.

Everyday shoes
for a fairer

At etik & co, we want to build a future where organic, vegan and fair trade fashion is not only stylish, but also accessible. A future in which fair norms are the norm.

On an equal footing

Our mission is to democratize fair trade footwear.

How? With a selection of footwear and related accessories made from certified Fairtrade and organic cotton, available at affordable prices, and designed with respect for the environment, animals and human rights.

Values that match your convictions

Fair across
the board

All those involved in the supply chain are respected and paid fairly. And our products are offered to you at a fair price.

Sustainable materials
and style

The products we choose are designed with premium materials that last over time and feature a casual look that cuts through fashions.


The origin of our products and their organic textiles are certified by internationally recognized organizations. We are also completely transparent about how they were made.