Slow and fair fashion

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Slow and fair fashion

Our mission is to curate for you the best ethical fashion items that are both Fairtrade and organic certified. All our products – clothing, shoes and accessories – meet the highest standards for human rights and the respect for the environment. We are the first online store in Canada where all items carry both the Fairtrade certification and GOTS certification for organic textile production.

We know that the conditions under which each article you choose has been produced, transformed and assembled are important to you, so we have selected brands whose values ​​are in line with ours: transparency, social justice, environmental stewardship and support to the community. In addition, all our products are made vegan, because we also care about the well-being of all animals.

Welcome to the slow and fair fashion movement!

Global Organic Textile Standard

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For every subscription to our newsletter, we give back $2 to the Pure Art Foundation to support the CAST initiative, a project that helps build safe housing and health facilities to disadvantaged communities in Pucallpa, Peru!

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