Fairtrade cotton hoodies for the students of the Pensionnat-du-Saint-Nom-de-Marie

For the very first time in Canada, a school chooses Fairtrade certified hoodies for the official uniform of its students.

After a vote held among the fifth-grade students, the Pensionnat-du-Saint-Nom-de-Marie, a high-school for girls located in the Outremont district of Montreal (Quebec), chose to collaborate with etik & co. for the production of the traditional hoodies for graduating their students. A large majority of the students of this boarding school, designated a Fair Trade School by Fairtrade Canada since 2016, did vote in favour of a more ethical and sustainable option for their hoodies.

Fairtrade and eco-friendly production

The hoodies made from Fairtrade certified organic cotton have been supplied by Neutral® a brand who works with cooperatives of small-producers of cotton in India. Their garments meet the highest standards regarding hte respect for the environment and the rights of workers and farmers. The GOTS certification ensures the organic production of textiles, the Fairtrade standards ensures fair and sustainable trade relations, the SA8000 standard guarantees the respect of international labour-law in the textile factories, the European eco-label and Oeko-tex 100 standard ensure the ecological production with no toxic-chemicals harmful for the health or the environment. Moreover, Neutral® is a carbon-neutral brand, using only renewable sources of energy for its production.


Organic cotton cultivation ensures that the raw material has been produced with respect for the environment: GMO-free seeds, natural fertilizers and no toxic pesticides used for growing and harvesting the crops, which helps protect biodiversity and fertile lands for the future generations. In addition, small farmers, united in a cooperative, receive a fair price for their harvest, guaranteed by the Fairtrade certification system, and an additional premium is paid back to the community for social development projects, such as education and health. Fairtrade and SA8000 standards also make it possible to ensure that at all stages of the manufacturing process, international labour standards are respected, preventing child labour and the exploitation of workers, and guaranteeing good health and safety working conditions, and decent working hours and wages.


Customized in Quebec

In order to personalize each student’s hoodie, we have worked with two Montreal SMEs who accompanied us in the embroidery and screen printing process.

Every hoodie has two embroideries: the logo of the school on the front, and the name of each student embroidered on the sleeve, making each hoodie a unique piece. This meticulous work was patiently carried out by Ferko Embroidery, a young company founded by artist-embroiderer Chris Ferko. The fleeces have also been screen-printed on the back with the words “Finissantes 2015-2020”. The screenprinting was done by Elie Chap, a young designer and illustrator.

See the level of detail and precision of the embroidery in this short video:

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